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Perimeter Protected Systems as the name suggests, concentrate on protecting the perimeter of your property. Generally speaking, camera’s and detection devices are fitted to the building’s exterior, doors and windows that activate the alarm. Some premises might even have external detectors such as photo beams or shock sensors that trigger the system if an intruder crosses the property's boundaries.

As with all systems there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are obvious; an intruder is detected before they enter your property. This minimises the possibility of confrontation, damage or losses - as the vast majority of would-be crooks will flee at the point of detection.

On top of this, perimeter types of system can be used while you are still in the building. These systems are very popular giving customers a sense of security while they move around their property freely. However, there is a small disadvantage. As the system is protecting every possible entry point, more detectors are used - therefore they do cost substantially more than internally protected systems.

Internally Protected Systems These systems use various types of motion detectors that monitor movement within their area. This is the most common form of system fitted due to the fact that a single motion detector can cover a large area, possibly with multiple entry points.

A “Bells Only” system contains some form of siren either intended to alert neighbouring properties of the intruder with external bells and/or to make it physically unpleasant for the intruder to remain with high-powered internal sounders. The sight of a bell box will deter the majority of burglars; however it is unfortunate that these days, like car alarms, not many people pay much attention to them when they do ring.

A Monitored system uses various forms of communication devices (such as Digital Communicators or GSM Cellular Devices) to notify a manned alarm receiving station. They are the human aspect of the whole system, notifying users/customers of false alarms, real alarms, troubles on the system and mechanical alarms 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Insurance companies now give rebates on your policy if you have a monitored system.

FIRE, FLOOD!!! Our alarm systems can also accommodate fire and flood detectors linked to them. If you are considering investing in an Intrusion Alarm System, then seriously think about spending a small amount more to have the system help protect lives as well as your property and assets.

Camera Systems Resolution, Lens Value, F-Stop, Lux, AC or DC, Low-voltage, BLC, Gain Control, and the jargon list goes on and on... These are some – but not all of the features of a standard CCTV camera and lens we need to consider when designing a surveillance system. These features are important, but not for you to worry about! Many companies will try to blind you with such features to justify the expense. Many times we see that previous installed cameras aren’t even tweaked to the best of their abilities. There is an application for every camera and a camera for every application!

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